Kitchen Planner/Commission Salesperson

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Kitchen Designer Application for The Kitchen Warehouse

1. Are you legally qualified to work in the US?

2. Do you have a high school diploma or equivalent?

3. Would you consent to pre-employment background checks and verification of your work history?

5. Are you applying for-
Regular Full time work? Regular Part time work?

7. Can you work on the weekends?

9. Do you have any design experience?

If so please explain:

10. Have you ever worked in the home improvement industry before?

If so, what were your job responsibilities?

11. Have you ever held a commission based sales position before?

Please describe it and the dates of employment.

12. What do you find the most challenging in a sales position?

13. What do you expect from the management of a company that would hire you for sales?

14. Are you comfortable selling your skills to others?

16. Do you currently commute to work?

17. What are the goals of your career plan?

18. Do you consider yourself detailed oriented?

19. Have you ever remodeled your own home before?

If yes, please explain:

20. Are you comfortable working on Saturdays?

21. When we call your references, what will they tell us about your work ethics and your past attendance?

22. Education, Training and Experience:

23. Enter details of your Education

24. Enter details of your Experience

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