The Kitchen Warehouse Design Process

There are ways to keep your kitchen remodel on time and within budget. After designing kitchens for over 39 years our 8-step kitchen remodeling system, simply can't be duplicated by any other kitchen cabinet showroom.

At The Kitchen Warehouse we have found that it is as important to educate clients on the process of remodeling their kitchen, as it is to design the perfect kitchen. To help you through the process of purchasing a kitchen at The Kitchen Warehouse, we have prepared this 8 step outline.

1. Begin by analyzing your needs and wants. Ask yourself these common questions: How many people are in the household? How much entertaining do you do? Do you buy food in quantity? How long will you be in this house? How important is this kitchen to you? Your Kitchen Warehouse designer can use this information to design a better kitchen for you.

2. What is your budget? Do you want, and can you afford a??the kitchen to end all kitchensa?? or just something to get by? How long will you own your current home? Your Kitchen Warehouse designer can show you the cabinets to fit your needs. From high-end custom or basic modular, The Kitchen Warehouse has the right cabinet line to fit your needs.

3. Be prepared! Before visiting The Kitchen Warehouse, it is best to do your homework. Make a sketch of your kitchen. To do a proper plan and generate an estimate on your new kitchen cabinets we need to know the amount of usable wall space for cabinets, appliances, sink and counters. Download the measuring instructions to best measure the walls of your kitchen as if it were empty. You should also have a good idea of what type of appliances, accessories and the amount of storage you want. There are many publications available, with an unlimited amount of ideas. Check your local magazine stand.

4. The design. The Kitchen Warehouse sales people are trained kitchen designers with multiple years of experience. Although they are kitchen experts and design is their primary function, their income is derived from the commission they receive on the sale of your kitchen cabinets. The Kitchen Warehouse designers use their training, experience and their a??state of the arta?? computer design system to develop the best possible kitchen you can have, one that works for you. They will endeavor to maximize your storage while giving you convenience, function and aesthetics. There is no charge for the design, however, the floor plans remain the property of
The Kitchen Warehouse until a deposit toward a purchase is made.

5. Purchasing your new cabinets requires a 50% deposit.
The Kitchen Warehouse will accept a personal check, American Express, Visa, Master Card or Discover card. Ask your Kitchen Warehouse designer for details. Once a deposit has been received you will be given a complete set of floor plans, perspective views and elevations. This is part of The Kitchen Warehouse service, so there is no additional charge.

6. A professional field measurer will visit the job site. Once you have placed your order, our professional field measurer will verify all of your dimensions. This is part of our cross-checking system which helps insure that your order arrives correctly and fits the first time. It is also your assurance that if there is a problem with the fit, The Kitchen Warehouse will stand behind it. Please remember that with any project, especially one as involved as a kitchen remodel, communication is the key. Let your Kitchen Warehouse Designer and the field measurer know all your plans and intentions.

7. When your order is complete, The Kitchen Warehouse will call you. If you purchase a cabinet other than one in stock, it will have to be ordered. Depending on the location of the factory and the complexity of the product, the lead time can vary from one to twelve weeks. Although we dona??t deliver or install, we can help you arrange both. By using independent companies and individuals with whom we have dealt with for many years, you can save tremendously both in aggravation and cost. This system helps keep your kitchen remodel simple and inexpensive. Ask your Kitchen Warehouse designer for help in these areas. Your order must be paid in full prior to the release of your kitchen to an installer or delivery person. A Cashiers check is required on all final payments for cabinet release.

8. Our goal is to give you the best. At The Kitchen Warehouse our goal is to give you the best design, best product and the best service at the best possible price. We pride ourselves on solving your problems. Our ultimate goal is a satisfied customer. One who will recommend us to their family and friends.

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